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How to Add/Edit Sub Users?

If you want to add a sub user for the account and data management, you can easily do this in EmailMeForm. Follow the steps below to add a sub user.

Adding Sub User:

Login into your EmailMeForm account and click on the settings option on the right-hand side. We have included a screenshot in this article to give you a visual reference.

This will take you the user's page. Click New User button to add a user.

New User popup window will be displayed. Enter the Email Address, First Name and Last name of the user to be added. Then click save to save the new user. Please see the screenshot for reference.upload_9_23_2015_at_10_11_17_PM.png

Editing Sub User:

If you want to edit the sub user details, follow the following steps. Refer to the screenshot for reference.

a. Select the user you want to manage / update
b. Select this if you want to grant administrator rights to the selected user
c. If you want to update the basic details of the user, enter the updated details in that section
d. Use this section to allow the selected user to create new forms, reports or themes.
e. Use this to grant permission to the selected user on specific form / report / theme respectively. 


We hope this helps! Feel free to submit a support ticket if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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