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How do I prevent spam?

To prevent Spam, it is best to set up Captcha protection.

To set up Captcha on the back-end, go to > log in to your account > mouse over the form you want to apply Captcha to and click the "Edit" icon > click "Form Settings" > scroll down to "Anti Spam" > select your preferred Captcha setting:


Remember to click "Save Form" upon completion.

This is an example of the form on the front-end with Smart reCaptcha Verification applied:

Please note: If you select "Show Smart reCAPTCHA Verification", it will only show up if there is an actual attempt to spam. This means, if you submit the form two times in a row during testing, only then, you will see the above image show up, because at that point, the Smart reCAPTCHA concludes there is a spam attempt.

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