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How do I add ssl to my forms?

To enable SSL on your forms and protect your customers’ data with secure data transmission:

  • Log in to your EmailMeForm account,
  • Hover over the forms which you wish to add SSL protection to, click on 'Options' and toggle the 'SSL Encryption' option on (as shown in the image below).

Once you apply SSL to your form, the form’s URL will change from "http://" to "https://".

If your form is embedded on a website, social media or blog page, you will need to re-embed your form. Learn how to re-embed your form in this article.


As a part of Google’s long-term strategy for making browsing safer for all users of Chrome (more than a half of world’s population, close to 55% of all internet users) — Google has announced that starting starting in October 2017, Google Chrome will be showing “Not Secure” warnings next to the addresses of websites that don’t have the SSL certificate enabled.


In short, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) ensures encrypted connection between user’s browser and your website or form.


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