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Adding QR code in confirmation page

Your form users now have the option to scan a QR code after successfully submitting a form. 


To generate a QR code in the confirmation page:


  1. Login to your EMF account 
  2. Click ‘Options’ > ‘Edit’ 
  3. Click the Form Settings button and find the Confirmation options section
  4. Select ‘Success Message’ > ‘Edit Message’ button (the edit message window will appear)
  5. Select ‘HTMl’ button and click ‘Insert QR codeᴮᴱᵀᴬ’ at the right.
  6. Type your message or URL to redirect your form users to a certain website.
  7. Once done, click ‘Refresh Preview’  > click ‘Insert QR code’ button
  8. Click the ‘close’ button to save the changes and close the success message window.
  9. Save your form and test


Please note that this feature is available on our Compliance plans only. 

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