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Advanced Fields - File Upload

The File Upload Field can allow your users to upload files. The uploaded files can be delivered as email attachments and/or stored in EmailMeForm Cloud Storage (Restriction differs per plan). The "File Upload" field properties may be set once the field is clicked on.


Selecting "custom file types" will enable users to specify whichever file extension they enter in the textbox.

Field Label
: This property is the text placed next to the form field that describes the type of data you want visitors to input.

Options: Set the field to be "Required", “Masked” or “Encrypted” by clicking the checkbox accordingly.

  • Required: Checking this option will force the user to fill out this field. An error message will be displayed if this field is left blank.
  • Masked Field: Replaces the field data with asterisks (*) in the submission email. This data will still be viewable in the Data Manager.

Encrypted (Pro and Premier Plan feature): Encrypt File Storage can encrypt and protect photos, videos, audios, pictures, doc, ppt, xls, pdf and other files using a password. Please upgrade your plan to use this feature.

Show Field to: Set the field to be “Everyone” or "Admin Only" by selecting that radio button.

Cell Align: You can select the field to be left, center, or right aligned by selecting from the “Cell Align” drop-down.

Limit File Type To: Enabling this option will limit the file types permitted by the Filed Uploaded Field. You can click the checkbox to select the file types, including:

  • pdf, doc, docx
  • ppt, pptx, xls
  • xlsx, csv, txt
  • rtf, html, zip
  • rar, mp3, mp4
  • wma, mpg, flv
  • avi, jpg, ipeg
  • png, gif, tif

Allow Multiple Uploads (paid feature): Enabling this option to allow multiple uploads in a single field.

Max File Size (KB): This property is set for each uploaded file. Defined as Kilobytes. It cannot override the limit of your plan (1MB=1024KB).

Instructions for User: This is an optional property that displays the text specified to your users while they’re filling out that particular field. These instructions appear below the field input box.

Field ID: This property is a unique value assigned to a specific field. It can be used in conjunction with dynamic tokens to insert entry data to customize the AutoResponder confirmation message. Note: This value is assigned after a form has been saved.

Once you set the field options, please do not forget to click "Save Form" to save your work.

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