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Setting up PayPal Web sites Payments Pro

1) Add form fields that are payment enabled (such as the price field, drop-down menus, check-boxes,

2) Select the Payment Module:

3) Set up your merchant information (once in the Payments module):

***Important Note: it is always good to test in Sandbox Mode first to see if your merchant is working properly and run test transactions.


You can obtain your API credentials by following the instructions provided here - API credentials.

4) Set up your payment options in the next tab (modify defaults if necessary):

5) Assign prices to the field(s) created in step #1:

Save the above by scrolling down and clicking “Save”.

6) Run a test transaction by submitting your form.

Please remember, when you are done testing, if you are still in Sandbox Mode, to get out of that, you have to click off of Sandbox Mode in step #3.

Following the above, confirm you have received Payment in the PayPal Sandbox and / or live environment.

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