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Why does my form read "Only one submission per user"?

If there is a per user limit on your form, it is most likely due to the Form settings.

To adjust these, log in to > mouse over the form you would like to edit and click the "Edit" icon > click the "Form Settings" tab > scroll down to "Limit Form Activity" > adjust the settings to your preference.

Public: Checking this makes the form visible to the public (anyone who visits your form url).
Allow only one entry per IP: Limits the submissions per IP to 1.
Allow only one entry per computer: Limits the submissions per computer to 1.
Limit submissions to [ ]  daily, per the same IP: Limits submissions from the same IP on a daily basis to whichever number you enter.
Turn Form Off After [ ] Entries: Shuts the form off after whichever number you enter.
Schedule Form Activity: Enables you to set the form live / public according to a specified date.


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