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How to add a discount code for payment-enabled forms?

You can add a discount coupon into your form. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

1. Login into your EmailMeForm account and hover your mouse over your form. From there, click on "Options", then click 'Edit'.


2. Add the dropdown list from the basic controls in the form builder. See screenshot for reference. 

3. In the field setting, add the items you are offering and also add price of the corresponding item. Please see the screenshot for reference.

4. After that add a “Simple Line Text” from the basic field set. In the field setting set the appropriate title for the text box e.g. “If you have discount coupon, please enter here”.

5. Add Price field from the advanced field set. Specify the appropriate title. Configure the field as follow. Please see the screenshot for reference.

a. Under the options, check “Force Negative”.

b. Select your desired currency format

c. Enter the amount of discount you are offering on the basis of the Coupon. Enter that discount value in the Range Min, Range Max and also in Default Value.

6. After that, from the Form Manager screen, click on "Options" for your form, and then select “Logic”.


7. This will take you to the rules page. First make sure that you have checked the “Enable Rules” option in the top right section. Click “Field Rules” and if you have already added no rule, click “Create Field Rule”. After that follow following steps after adding the new field rule. Please see the screenshot for reference.

a. From the dropdown select the discount text box you added in the step 4.

b. From the condition dropdown select “is equal to”.

c. In the text box enter the coupon Text against which you are offering the discount.

d. From the show/hide dropdown select “Show”.

e. In the field dropdown select the Discount price field added in step 5.

f. Click “Save all Rules” after that.

8. After that, go back to the Form Manager and click on "Options" on your form again, and then select "Payment".


9. Add your payment method and payment options as per guidelines in the following mentioned article.

a. In the third step of article, in addition to the adding drop down list, also add the discount price field which you have added in step 5.

10. Click “Save” and run a test transaction by selecting a product from the dropdown and entering the correct and incorrect coupon to see if it’s working as expected or not.

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