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How to have a different confirmation page based on a selected option?

If you want to show message to user or redirect to a specified address on the basis of some condition/logic, it can easily be done using EmailMeForm Form Rules Feature. In order to send a specific message or redirect to a page please follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Login into your account on You will be taken to the Form Manager screen.

2. From there, hover your mouse over your form, and then click on "Options". You will see a list of options, select the one that says "Logic".


3. On the Form Rules tab, first check “Enable Rules”. After that click “Create a form rule” if there is no existing form rule. Please see the following screenshot for reference.

4. You would be provided with the set of controls to create the form rule. There are different controls provided with each having different purpose. These are explained below. Please see the screenshot for the corresponding control against the number mentioned in brackets.

a. (1) Field Selection – Select the field on the basis of which you want to apply the rule

b. (2) Condition Selection – This is the condition which you want to apply over the selected field in previous steps. There are six different conditions provided if there is a field with the text. You can use one of them as per your requirement. These six are as follow.

i. Contains
ii. Does Not Contains
iii. Begins with
iv. Ends with
v. Is Equal to
vi. Is Not Equal to

If there is a numeric field following three conditions are provided

i. Is Equal to
ii. Is greater than
iii. Is less than

c. (3) Condition to Compare With – Add the keyword / sentence / characters which you want to be compared as per the selected condition

d. (4) Sub Rule Button – Use this button if you want to add a sub rule, in addition to the rule added in previous two steps.

e. (5) Show Message – If you want to send message to the user, select this radio button. There are two formats in which you can display message to the user. These are as follow

i. (7) Plain: Enter the message text in text area (refer to number 8 in above screenshot). This text would be displayed in form of plain text to the user, if condition you have specified is met.
ii. (7) HTML: If you want to show HTML message to the user, Select HTML and customize the message in the HTML editor. Please see the screenshot below

f. (6) Redirect to Website – If you want the user to redirect to the specified page on the basis of the condition met, select this radio button. A text box would be displayed. Enter the address to which you want the user to be redirected. Please see the screenshot below.

g. (9) Add Another Rule - Use this button to add another rule and then repeat the steps from a-to-h.

h. (10) Remove the Rule – Use this button to remove the added rule

5. Click save all rules and view the live form. Enter the data in the fields and submit the form to test the condition that whether the form rule you have implemented is working or not.

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