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How to setup MFA when you don't have access to a mobile authentication app (desktop alternative)

Once Vault is enabled on your account, you will be required to set up MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication to ensure increased security for both you and your form users. 

This guide is specific to those who don't have access to a mobile authentication app or who just prefer to not use a phone each time they need to login to their EmailMeForm account (otherwise, please see our other guide here).

Important update: As of June 2020, Google announced that they will be ending support of Chrome Apps across all operating systems. Authy for Chrome & Chrome Extension will no longer be supported. We recommend using the Authy Desktop app for Windows / MacOS / Linux or Authy for Iphone and Android

Please note that this setup process will still require you to at least be able to receive SMS or take a call on a mobile device for verification purposes, but only during the setup process. 

Let's get started. 

1.) Go to and under "Desktop" select your computer's operating system (OS) e.g. macOS for MacBooks and iMacs, Windows for non-Apple devices - then click on "Download"


2.) Once downloaded, open the Authy installation/exe file and follow the installation/setup process prompted on your screen. You will be required to enter a phone number for verification either via SMS or call - no worries, this will be the only time that you'll need to use a phone. Enter the provided code from the SMS or call on your Authy app to complete the verification process. 


In case you have issues with the steps above, see the screencast below to assist you with the process - this one is done for Windows users but it is almost the same for MacOS users.

3.) Open your browser and login to your EmailMeForm account - here's a quick link:

4.) As soon as you login, setting up MFA will require you to reset your password for security reasons. Please enter a strong password and click "Save" then "Continue" to proceed to the MFA enrollment page. 


5.) In the "MFA-enrollment process" page, in step 2 click "Having trouble scanning the image?" to open copy the whole secret code as shown below.


6.) Open the Authy app in your machine if it isn't yet, navigate to "Tokens" then click on the "+" (plus) icon as shown in the screenshot below. You will be brought to the "Add Account" section.


7.) In the "Add Account" section, paste in the secret code (or manually type it in) you copied earlier (from step 2 of the MFA enrollment page) on the provided input box then click the "Add Account" button to proceed. 


8.) Enter a name for your token (any will do but something easily identifiable is recommended), select a logo for it, then click the "Save" button to proceed.


Your EmailMeForm account is now registered on your Authy app. The MFA apps like Authy generates a random 6-digit security code in 30 seconds interval - this means you can only use each generated code within that 30 seconds as it will expire afterward, replaced by a new code.

It is a good time now to protect your Authy with a master password - 
Set Up Master Password (Recommended) - why do I have to do this (please see "So what if someone steals my computer?"?:

9.) Click "Settings" -> then "General" -> click "Master Password" to enable password protection/encryption.

Authy has built-in encryption right into it - lets you easy to encrypt your local accounts using a master password – this password also blocks access to the application when you are idle by automatically encrypting all accounts, which also protects you in case your laptop is lost or stolen.

Screencast on setting up a master password for your Authy Desktop App:

10.) As soon as the code changes on the Authy app, copy it using the provided button on the lower-right corner as shown in the screenshot below. 


11.) In the MFA enrollment page, paste in the code on the provided input box in step 3 then click "Enable MFA" as shown below.


12.) You will be directed to a page confirming that MFA has been enabled on your account. You are required to enter your "Emergency contact number". We will use it to verify your identity in case you lose access to your account. (Please include country code and area code.)


This page also contains your MFA recovery/backup codes, any of which can be used once should you lose access to your authentication device. This is the only time they are shown to you so make sure to copy/email to yourself or print these codes and store them somewhere safe.


After you saved your recovery codes and clicked continue an additional layer of security is now set up on your account, congratulations - you've done it Party Popper on Apple iOS 13.3!

From now on, next time when you log in, you will be asked to enter a 6-digit authentication code which is generated and provided through your Authy app similar to what you did in steps 10-11 above. 

Please note that when entering this, there should be no spaces or any other characters anywhere in the code - just the 6 numbers. Your MFA app will generate a random 6-digit security code in 30 seconds interval - this means each generated code is only valid, can only be used, and will only be accepted within that 30 seconds as it will expire afterwards, replaced by a new code. If the 6-digit code in the app doesn't match the code that you entered on the MFA verification page (e.g. 30 seconds has passed so it changed on the app), you will be prompted an error or incorrect code. Best practice for this is as soon as the code changes on the app (as it hits that new 30 seconds countdown), immediately copy that new code then refresh the MFA page on your browser, paste in the copied code and click the "Verify" button before the 30-second window expires and changes your code again.



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