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How do I add a background image to my form?


To change the design / customize the background of your form(s), you need to create a Theme (or edit the one you already have) and then apply modified it to your form(s). For a more in-depth explanation of Themes, please see our "Working with Themes" article.

Here are quick steps to edit a background to your form from scratch:
1. Create a new theme:
  • select "Options",
  • then "Theme",
  • click "Create New Theme".
2. Modify the look and the background for this theme:
  • select "Start from blank/Template or Edit existing Theme",
  • modify the theme to your needs.
3. Apply the saved theme to your form:
  • locate "Save This Theme",
  • name the theme, click "Save",
  • select "Take me back to the Form Manager to apply my Theme",
  • locate "Theme",
  • select new theme to apply.

Here's the screencast for visual guidance:


Please note that clicking "Custom Pattern" (paid feature) option will ask you if you want to modify background by:

  1. Enter URL
  2. Upload Image File
  3. Choose From Existing Images.

The easiest option for you is to Upload Image File because our servers are secure and you don’t have to worry about content conflict.

Choose From Existing is similar since you’re using the files you uploaded previously.

Use Enter URL if you already have the background stored on a safe (HTTPS) server. Please note, if you choose to Enter URL the files you link via URL must be hosted on secure servers that serve content via an HTTPS connection. Make sure that the image URL starts with https://.


Uploading an image to your form (paid feature)

Either clicking the "Add image" button in the "Field Settings" tab or clicking the image right inside your form will bring you the "Image Wizard" popup, where you have several ways of uploading/adding an image into your form.


Locate the image field on your form > click the field to switch the right tab panel to "Field Settings" mode > Locate "Add image" button to activate "Image Wizard".

  • Option A: "Enter URL"

Clicking the first line will ask for the URL address of the image. Pasting the URL of your image into "Enter URL" input and clicking "Save Image" button will add the image to your form's header.


Please note: insecure HTTP image storage service providers are not supported (i.e. hosted on,, etc)

  • Option B: Upload Image File

Select this option when your image is stored on your own device. Clicking the second line of the "Image Wizard" will ask you for a file location to upload to EMF servers, locate the file on your machine then click "Upload file" to add the selected image onto your form.


  • Option C: Choose from Existing Images

You may select any image you've uploaded before from your personal cloud on EMF servers to upload to a form.


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