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What are "Users" under my account features?

Yes, we know you have a great team that supports you in building an amazing online business. If you do everything together, you’ll be happy to know that 10 users can be added to your account and set up with different permissions for managing your forms, data, and reports.

Our Form Creator allows easy management of the staff in charge of your forms. Involve different teams from your organization in the data gathering and analysis process.

 With form creator you can customize user accounts with detailed information and avatars. Set permissions and grant specific access

Add more users within your organization to share work and track results as a team. Each form can be shared with team members with different permissions like: edit form, just view, access to form entries, and so on. Collaboration made easier! Plus the account owner has an overview of everything that happens within the app to track work and assign tasks successfully.

You can add, edit, or delete users in a single click, or modify their access to certain forms or features. Form Creator allows you to give multiple users the access to very specific sections or to your entire account.


Grant access to specific forms, reports and themes, Choose what you share

Share responsibilities and appoint the tasks — someone will do the accounting, someone will follow up on sales with calls, others will create data reports, and so on. While they do, everything is recorded in our detailed account activity logs that you can use to track tasks and work done.

The size of a team involved in streamlining your business workflow through EMF depends on the plan you are using. For example: BASIC plan (free) means you rely on just 1 user (only you). For PLUS plan the limit is 2, meaning you can use some additional help from one of your team member. Getting PRO paid level gives you more eyes (up to 10 including you) on the critical workflow areas. PREMIER plan possibilities were designed to fit almost enterprise-level solutions (1 master account + 49 sub-users), but these parameters are also subject to adapt to your business needs.

Please note: these limits apply to the number of sub-users per one master account only. All sub account share the same number of limits per paid plans: Submissions, Themes, Storage, Reports.
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