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How to restore your MFA tokens after switching to a new phone

Once you've enabled MFA on your account, you'll be required to enter an authentication code every time you log in on your EmailMeForm account.

In order to be able to login by using your new phone, please follow the instructions provided below.

Step 1. Locate the feature

To reset MFA (for you or your sub-users), kindly, please log into the Master EmailMeForm account, hover over right top "Accounts" icon, next click on the "Users" page, select and click a user to reset MFA for, then locate and click the "Set up MFA on different device" button (see the image below).

Log into EmailMeForm Account > (1) hover over "Accounts" icon > (2) click the "Users" link > select a user > click Set up MFA on different device

Step 2.Confirm your identity

Next step is to confirm your identity by entering your current password:

Step 3. Confirm resetting MFA

A confirmation window will appear, stating that both access and recovery codes for the user will no longer be accepted for authentication. 


Step 4. MFA enrollment

If you reset/transfer MFA for yourself (as a Master account holder) you'll be immediately redirected to MFA configuration process. We have a complete guide for you here:

Step 5. Re-check password is correct.

After finishing the MFA enrollment process, kindly please log out of the main (master) account after setting up the new phone and test the new MFA token on the new phone before removing the token on your old phone.

Please note, if MFA was reset for a sub-user, the MFA status for the sub-user updates to "user has not activated MFA through an app yet" and this user will be asked to set up MFA on their device again next time they log in:




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