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How to to delete SAD from Credit Card submission

Please note deleting the SAD (Sensitive Authentication Data) from an active credit card entry will remove both the CVV and the Expiration date. The complete credit card number will still remain and be accessible. The credit card entry will still be considered active and counts towards your credit card entry limit. If you would prefer to remove the whole credit card entry, please see this article "Remove Credit Card Entries".

Using the Remove SAD Feature inside your Vault will:

  • Remove CVV
  • Remove Expiration Date

To delete SAD from Credit Card Submission in vault, follow these steps:

1. Open your Form's Data Manager



2. Select the submission entry you wish to remove SAD info from and click on retrieve from vault:


3. Inside Vault, click on remove SAD:


4. Enter your account password to confirm deletion:


*Note this will remove SAD from the Vault entry. CVV and Expiration Date will be removed but Credit Card Number will still be accessible in Data Manager.


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