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How do I add Vault PCI-Certified Seal to my form?


Click on Vault seal to understand how this works on your form!

You'll receive your unique PCI-Certified Seal link via email (please check the mailbox of your EmailMeForm account email address). When you click the link on the email you will be required to login first to your EmailMeForm account to proceed with your unique Seal code generation.

You will be taken to the Vault PCI Seal generation where you have 2 options to embed your Vault PCI Seal:

  • option (A) I am going to add it to my website
  • option (B) I am going to add it in my Vault form

After selecting the preferred option for you - the next short instructions are provided:

Option A - To add the Seal on your website, copy the code and insert into your web pages' appropriate location and insert it before the </body> tag using a Text or HTML editor.

Option B - To add the Seal on your Vault form, copy the code and insert it into the source of Header/Footer from the Form Settings.

The detailed steps below are for the Option (B) in case you want to apply the Vault PCI-certified Seal to a selected form.

1. Mouse over your form and click "Options", and then "Edit"



2. On the "Form Settings", click the "Edit" button under "Header/Footer" 


3. Select "Footer" -> "HTML" -> "Source".
Paste the generated code here.
After adding your script code, click "Close".



4. Click "Save Form".

5. So now your clients know that this form is PCI compliant and is certified. The Vault PCI-Certified Seal image has an active link redirecting to the Dynamic Seal Page displaying more info about the Seal and PCI certification.



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