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What is the difference between Regular and Vault Sub-Users?

Creating Sub-Users allows the account holder to provide access to specified EmailMeForm features, forms and data to other members of their organisation. 


Regular Sub-Users


All Compliance plans feature a certain number of regular sub-users. Regular sub-users can be given access only to certain data and features, or they can be set as administrators, which would allow them to access all account data and features except the PCI-certified Vault Add-On.


The Experienced plan, for example, includes 10 Regular sub-users, however, it does not include any Vault sub-users. This means that only the main account owner will be able to use the Vault Add-on.


Vault Sub-Users


Only the Veteran Yearly and the Agency plans include Vault sub-users. These Compliance plans also allow account holders to purchase additional Vault sub-users. 


In addition to the permissions available to the Regular sub-users, Vault sub-users are able to use the Vault feature on forms and have access to data collected through and stored in Vault.  


Example Use Cases


  • We are a Team of 10. All of us need to be able to create regular forms and access their data, but only 2 of us need access to Credit Card forms and the collected billing data.

The Veteran Yearly plan would be the best option as it includes 10 Regular sub-users and 1 Vault sub-user, which means that two users (the main account holder and one Vault Sub-user) will be able to use the Vault Add-on.


  • There are 7 agents in our Billing department and all of them need access to the collected billing data. Which plan would suit our needs?

The only plan that covers the specified requirements is the Agency Yearly plan. Please note that the user will need to purchase 1 extra sub-user seat as the Agency Yearly plan includes 5 sub-users (main account owner and 5 Vault sub-users can use Vault).

**Custom Plans Available for our Legacy standard plan subscribers, please contact us for a Vault Plan consultation**


  • I have 8 regular sub-users but only I'll need access to the Vault Add-on

The Experienced Yearly plan would be the most economical choice in this case. Of course, the account holder should also ensure that the remaining resource quotas included with the plan would be sufficient. 


  • I don't have any sub-users

 You can choose any of the plans as long as the remaining resource quotas included with the chosen plan are sufficient. 


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