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MFA - Don't have a mobile phone? Try - Alternative solution web app with Authy!

Never manually type a token again!

The Authy App forDesktop is a simple and great way to access your two-factor tokens fast, conveniently and securely from your desktop or laptop.

Important update: As of June 2020, Google announced that they will be ending support of Chrome Apps across all operating systems. Authy for Chrome & Chrome Extension will no longer be supported. We recommend using the Authy Desktop app for Windows / MacOS / Linux or Authy for Iphone and Android.

Authy for Desktop - a step further to make two-factor authentication a truly seamless experience and to bring the power and security of strong authentication to users everywhere, anywhere.

Checklist to have more convenient and secure access to two-factor authentication tokens:
1. Download Desktop Authy (visit
2. Install it
3. Enter your phone number (any cellphone that is able to receive SMS) -> click "Next"
4. Your email address (for recovery purposes) ->click "Next"
5. Select the SMS verification method
6. Enter verification code from received SMS
7. You're in Party Popper on Apple iOS 13.3!

Set Up Master Password (Recommended) - why do I have to do this (please see "So what if someone steals my computer?"?:
Click "Settings" -> then "General" -> click "Master Password" to enable password protection/encryption.

Authy has built-in encryption right into it - lets you easy to encrypt your local accounts using a master password – this password also blocks access to the application when you are idle by automatically encrypting all accounts, which also protects you in case your laptop is lost or stolen.

Screencast on setting up a master password for your Authy Desktop App:

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