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QR Code as a form field:

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient solution to inventory management or identification, look no further than EmailMeForm QR codes. Our new feature allows you to implement QR code fields into your forms and generate unique identification tokens for items and people. Retrieving all information is as easy as a single tap on your smartphone. 

Here’s a guide on how to use our new feature:

How to add a QR Code field into your form. 

Go to your form manager and select your form. In Add Field, underneath the Advanced section you will find QR Code.


The Scan QR code button will open up the user’s device camera, allowing them to scan the QR code in front of them. The scanned QR code will appear on the form. 

In the QR code field settings, you can adjust the field label, button text, encryption, instructions and other.


You will be able to retrieve your QR code entry from the data manager.


The QR code will appear as a string of text inside your data manager, referring to specific information provided within the QR code. Falling under EmailMeForm’s compliance plans, all information collected and stored even in the form of QR codes is protected from unauthorized access and encrypted.

Using the QR Scanner:

How the QR Scanner works inside your form.

Now that you’ve added the QR Code field into your form, it’s time to put it to the test. 

When viewing your form from any device, you should see the QR Scanner field where you placed it. In this example form, the QR Scanner has been placed on the left, and the button to scan is named “test”. 


Now that you’ve confirmed it’s in your form, it’s time to test if the feature works appropriately. Try to open the QR Scanner, you should receive a notification like this: 


Make sure to select “Allow”, otherwise you will be unable to access the QR Scanner. Once you have given it permission, the QR Scanner field will show you a mini camera box. 


Bring the QR Code you want to scan up to your device camera. As soon as the scanner reads it, it will appear as a string of text in the QR Scanner bar. This text could be a link, an identification number or anything else that your QR code refers to. 


You can edit the text that appears within the QR Scanner bar. In order to do so, when placing the QR Code field into your form, select “Field Settings.” Under Options, you will see a blank check-box saying “Editable.” Tick the checkbox and save your form. 

Being able to edit the QR Scanner field lets you input data manually. For example, if your QR Code is linked to a specific inventory product, you will be able to log the product into the form even if you don’t have the QR Code on hand, or if the QR Scanner field isn’t working.

QR Code as a form link:

Using a QR Code to link your form.

EmailMeForm offers different ways of sharing your form, including a QR Codes option. This feature allows you to provide forms contactlessly, letting users scan the QR code and be taken to a form directly. It also eliminates link errors and web confusion.

In order to share your form using a QR Code 

  1. Select the form you want to link and go to Code.


  2. Underneath the Link section, open the drop-down and you will see a QR code which you can download or print.


  3. Include this in your email to help users reach your form. For physical locations, it’s as easy as just printing this code and posting it up in an accessible area. Your clients can scan the QR code with their mobile devices to be redirected to your form. 

QR Code using dynamic tokens:

You can also add QR codes into the form’s autoresponder or thank you message. 

The autoresponder allows you to generate unique identification codes for specific fields of the form. 

For example, you can use it to identify specific products in your store’s supply; then, when you are taking inventory it’s as easy as scanning the product code. Or, as a healthcare provider, create unique registration codes for your patients and avoid the in-person form filling process. 

  1. To access this feature, click on your form and select Autoresponder.


  2. Under the Message section, select custom. You will be able to customize your message content. At the upper right corner of the message content box, select insert QR code. 


  3. The pop-up box will allow you to enter text or links which will be converted into a scannable QR code and sent automatically to the recipient's email every time they submit a form.


If a preview does not appear immediately, simply click refresh preview and you will see your QR code. 


  1. Once you are satisfied, simply select insert QR code to confirm and the generated code will appear inside your autoresponder message box.

This feature creates a smoother workflow by eliminating manual input, errors, bugs, and wasted time. 

Learn more about this new feature by reaching out to us.

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