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How to Integrate EmailMeForm form with Braintree

EmailMeForm also supports Braintree payment integrations, a payment gateway that specializes in mobile and web payment systems.

You can quickly and easily set up all this with the same familiar payment interface EmailMeForm users have enjoyed for years. To integrate your form with Braintree, follow these steps:


(1) Go to Form Manager, select your form, and then click the Payment button found on the left side of the page.


(2) Tick the checkbox to enable payment. In the Merchant Setup tab, select Braintree under Select a Merchant.


(3) Enter your Braintree credentials.

  • Merchant ID – your Braintree Merchant ID unique identifier.
  • Public Key – your Braintree Public Key Identifier.
  • Private Key – your Braintree Private Key Identifier.

Note: For testing purposes, you can enable the Sandbox Mode. Please note to disable this when your form is live.


(4) Under Payment Options, select your desired currency.


You have also the option to enable the following features below:

  • Show Running Total: Shows the price amounts and the expected total cost of the transaction to the user as they are filling out the form.
  • Collect Shipping Address: Requires a shipping address to be submitted with payment.
  • Pre-Populate Bill Info: You can use data collected from your forms to prefill the billing information fields on the payment page for this merchant. You can use a Name field from your form for the Credit Card Name, an Address field for the Billing Address, and an Email field for the email receipt setting. Please note that the user can still make changes to this data on the payment page.
  • Limit Card Types Accepted: Limit which credit card types will be displayed on the payment form.
  • Email Receipt To User: This allows the user to specify an email address where they'd like an invoice to be sent after completing a successful payment.
  • Notification Settings: If you would like to be notified regarding payment status via email.


(5) Go to the Assign Prices tab to assign prices to your payment fields. Enable Payment and Click Save.


(6) Go back to your form Manager, preview, and submit your form to test your Braintree payment integration.


(7) Once you confirm that the payment integration is working, you can disable the Sandbox Mode from your Payment Settings and publish your form anytime!


If you have additional concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Thank you for using EmailMeForm. Have a wonderful day!

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