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Chargify Payment Setup

Chargify is another payment gateway that you can use within your forms. It has certain features like recurring payments. This Payment Integration is available on our Pro, Premier, and Compliance plans.


To setup your Chargify payment integration, please:


  1. Login to your EmailMeForm account, click Options > Payments onto one of your forms:


  2. On the Merchant setup page, select Chargify from the “Select a Merchant” dropdown:

  3. Add your Subdomain and API Key:

- the subdomain identifies your site uniquely across Chargify and is visible within the Hosted Pages.

- Your API key can be generated from the API Access tab of your seller dashboard.


     4. Click Match Customer Data and use one of the fields that corresponds to your Chargify data:


     5. Go to the (2)Payment Options section and select the correct currency to use and review the Receipt and Notification settings:



     6. Select the (3) Assign Prices section and assign Prices to the Product fields. This could be a Multiple Choice Field or a Dropdown Field.



Note: Don’t forget to click Enable Payment before hitting Save on your payment settings.

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