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What is Stripe Checkout?

In this article, we’ll answer all your questions about Stripe Checkout, and how it’s different from the ‘regular’ Stripe payment integration. 


What is Stripe checkout?

Stripe Checkout is a low code payment integration that creates a customizable payment page so you can quickly collect payments on desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, Stripe Checkout allows you to be compliant with SCA requirements.

Unsure if your business is affected by SCA requirements? Find out here.


Stripe Checkout has the following built-in and customizable features:


Built in:

  • Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Responsive mobile design
  • SCA - Ready
  • Captchas
  • PCI Compliance 
  • Card Validation
  • Error messaging 
  • Adjustable Quantities 
  • Automatic tax collection 
  • International Language Support 


Customizable Features

  • Collect Taxes 
  • Custom Branding with Colors, Buttons and font
  • Cross Sells
  • Global Payment Methods
  • Subscription upsells
  • Custom Domains 
  • Email receipts 
  • Apply Discounts 
  • Custom success page
  • Recover Payment details with link
  • Collect Tax ID 
  • Collect Shipping Info
  • Collect Phone numbers 


How does it work?

Stripe Checkout redirects users to the Stripe website to process payments. This makes a number of checkout services, including real-time card validation, fraud prevention, chargeback protection, one-click payment, and more available to the user.

Enable Stripe Checkout in your form with checkout pages that automatically adapt to your clients’ device and location, with multiple choices of currency and various payment options. Stripe Checkout is designed to improve conversion thanks to its adaptable and dynamic set of features, ready to use inside EmailMeForm. 


Key Differences between Stripe Checkout and Standard Stripe


Standard Stripe

Stripe Checkout

SCA Supported



Integration Effort

No user effort. Already integrated inside EmailMeForm.

No user effort. Already integrated inside EmailMeForm

UI Customization

Customize branding

Customize branding

Dynamic Products and Pricing

One payment link for one or more products

Multiple products and prices in different currencies

Mobile Support

Responsive web

Automatically adapts to user’s device

Stripe Tax Support



PCI Compliance Handling



Website Redirection



Stripe Checkout is only available to Compliance plan accounts. Form builder users have access to Stripe Checkout as a trial for 5 transactions. To learn more about our Compliance plans, please see our pricing page.

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