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How to embed Google Calendar

Sometimes, you may need to showcase your schedule and ask attendees RSVP. Along with other things, Google Calendar allows you to do this.

Embedding Google Calendar in your form involves two steps:

  1. Getting the embed code from Google
  2. Using this code in your form to call/display Calendar

Each step is explained below to make embedding as easy as possible.

Step 1: Getting the embed code 

Please check:

On this page, you need to complete points 1 to 6 under the heading "Step 1: Embed a calendar on your website". 


Step 2: Embedding the code in your form

a) Login to EmailMeForm dashboard, edit the form that you want to embed this calendar to. 

b) Add a section break field to your form and check its settings. 


c) Paste the iframe code that you've copied from step 1 in "Instructions for User" box as shown below. 


d) Depending on the set width of your form, you may need to change the width of the embedded Google Calendar so it doesn't appear cutoff. To do this, simply change the value of "width" in the embed code as highlighted in the screenshot above. The calendar's default width value is 800 - the default form width can contain a calendar width of 500 or less. 

Finally, save your changes. This is how it would look like on your form. 



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