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Setting up Accept

Our integration has been updated and moved to our new payment integration for Compliance plan subscribers.


To set up your Accept integration, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account and hover over the form you want to set up the payment.
  2. Click Options > Payment
  3. Select Accept to begin. 
  4. On the ‘Merchant Setup’ area, enter your LOGIN ID and Transaction Key
    (click here for instructions on how to obtain your credentials)
  5. Configure the Payment options and Notifications as needed.
  6. Assign prices to your payment fields in the Assign Prices area. You may enter a fixed amount per form entry, and/or prices for each price-enabled field.
  7. Once done, click Enable payment at the top and SAVE



  • Please make sure that the payment integration configuration matches your Authorize.Net account configuration.
  • Please ensure that the ‘Testing (Sandbox) Mode’ checkbox is unchecked if you are using Live credentials. To test the payment integration, please visit and create a sandbox account to obtain test credentials.
  • Form Builder users are allowed up to 5 Transactions only. To use the new Accept payment integration, please upgrade to any of our Compliance plans
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