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Square Payment Integration - Merchant Setup

With the Square Developer platform, you can connect Square payments to your custom business software for a centralized view of your data.


Our Square integration is only available to our Compliance plan subscribers. Form Builder plan subscribers have only 5 free transactions. 


To enable Square payment integration:


  1. Login to your EmailMeForm account.
  2. Click the form you want to edit > click Payment > select Square

  1. On the Square payment setup page, you will need to obtain your Square Payment Access Tokens and Location IDs. To find your Access Tokens? Click HERE
  2. Once you have your tokens, copy them from Square and paste them onto the following fields:

    Screenshot 2023-08-01 141157.png

(IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the Live and Test tokens and Location IDs will not be interchanged. If you wish to test the integration first, please enable the “Testing (Sandbox) mode” checkbox.)


  1. Scroll further down to complete the payment setup based on your requirements. Don’t forget to assign prices.
  2. After setting up your payment, please click Enable at the top > then click Save

You can then test your form and submit a payment to ensure that the payment integration has been activated.


If you are getting errors with your Square Integration, please feel free to contact our Technical Support team here



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