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Accessing your Login ID and Transaction key

To obtain your Login ID and Transaction Key from

  1. Log in to your Merchant account in (If you are using a test account, please log in to instead)

  2. Click Account > API Credentials & Keys

  3. Copy your Login ID

  4. For the Transaction Key, select Obtain: New Transaction Key.

    You may choose to disable the old Transaction Key by clicking the box titled, Disable Old Transaction Key Immediately. You may want to do this if you suspect your previous Transaction Key is being used fraudulently.)

    Proceed to Submit button afterward

    (you will be prompted to enter a PIN for verification by The PIN will be sent to your registered email address)

  5. After verification, the Transaction key will be provided to you.

    (IMPORTANT: Copy the transaction key and save it in a secure location. will not display the transaction key in the API Credentials and Keys settings after clicking continue)

  6. Once you have all the information, head over to your EmailMeForm account and edit your form’s payment settings. Don’t forget to click ENABLE and SAVE once done.
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