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Updating merchant keys to the new payment integration after plan upgrade

  1. Select the form. 
  2. Hover your mouse over the Payment.


  1. Click “View deprecated Integration”. 


  1. On the old payment interface, Go to Assign Prices. 
  • NOTE: Copy or Screenshot prices or amount you have assigned. This is to counter-check prices later when you migrate to the new payment integration.
  1. Once done with taking note of your assigned prices, hover your mouse over and click “Go to new Interface”. Please note that once you click on the new interface the old payment user interface will no longer be accessible.



  1. Select the new Payment Processor.


  1. Get the Keys ready for setting up the new payment integration. 
  2. If you choose “Paypal Checkout”, Go to the PayPal developer website: and log in using your Paypal account.


Guides are available below for getting the API of the payment processor.

  • For details on how to access the PayPal Checkout Client ID and Secret Key, please click here.
  • For details on how to access the Authorize.Net Accept API Login ID and Transaction Key, please click here.
  • For details on how to access the Stripe Checkout Live Secret Key and Test Secret Key, please click here.


  1. Input/Paste the API of your selected payment processor. Then, double-check the assigned prices by comparing them to your screenshot or from the list. Assigned prices should carry over.



  1. Once, prices are verified. Click “SAVE” and toggle the “ENABLE PAYMENT”



  1. Test your form in Sandbox Mode.

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