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Basic Field – Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Fields are used when you want your users to select only one choice. If you would like to allow users to select more than one choice, we recommended you use the Checkbox field instead.

To add a multiple choice field to your form, click on the Add Field button at the top and click ‘Multiple Choice’. You can click the field in preview and edit the field settings at the left side bar.



If you would like your users to type in their answers instead of the provided choices, you can enable ‘Allow Other’ in the Field Settings/Options.

You can randomize the choices or display them in alphabetical order by changing the ‘Default Order’ in the dropdown list (Field Settings/Choices).

To import predefined choices, such as a list of Countries, Days, and Months, you can click the ‘Import Predefined Choices’, select a list, and add it to your field. You can customize the choices before or after adding.

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