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Advanced Fields - Date Time

The Date Time Field is used for your users to select or enter a date and/or time when filling out a form. The "Date Time" field properties may be set once the field is clicked on.

Field Label: This property is the text placed next to the form field that describes the type of data you want visitors to input.

Options: Set the field to be "Required", “Masked” or “No Duplicates” by clicking the checkbox accordingly.

  • Required: Checking this option will force the user to fill out this field. An error message will be displayed if this field is left blank.
  • Masked Field: Replaces the field data with asterisks (*) in the submission email. This data will still be viewable in the Data Manager.
  • No Duplicates: Checking this will make sure the data entered into this field is unique and has not been submitted before.

Show Field to: Set the field to be “Everyone” or "Admin Only" by selecting that radio button.

Cell Align: You can select the field to be left, center, or right aligned by selecting from the “Cell Align” drop-down.

Choices: By setting this value, the user can choose “Date only”, “Time only”, or “Date and Time”, limiting it to one of the three options.

Date Format: Choose between American and European date format from the drop-down.

Default Value: By setting this value, the field will be pre-populated with the text you enter.

Range: This setting limits the range of date the visitor can input.

Instructions for User: This is an optional property that displays the text specified to your users while they’re filling out that particular field. These instructions appear below the field input box.

Field ID: This property is a unique value assigned to a specific field. It can be used in conjunction with dynamic tokens to insert entry data to customize the AutoResponder confirmation message. Note: This value is assigned after a form has been saved.

Once you set the field options, please do not forget to click "Save Form" to save your work.

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