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Form Logic (Setting up logic rules)

To create Logic Rules:
1) Set up a form with fields that you want to apply conditional logic to, i.e.:

Front-end (user) view of form:
Back-end (admin) view of form:

*Note: For this demonstration,  3 Section Break fields (yes, no, maybe) were created to correspond to the 3 values in the drop-down.  After form logic is created, these will not be visible to the user unless they select the drop-down menu on the front-end.

2) In the form manager, after you log in, mouse over the form above that you want to edit, and click on "Options", and then “Logic”:


3) Create your logic rules and click “Save All Rules”.

*Note, for this example, only “Field Rules” were created in the first tab, however, you can create “Page Rules” and / or “Form Rules” dependent upon your requirements.

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