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How do I accept payments through my EmailMeForm form?

The Payment Integration is a Pro/Premier Plan feature, which allows you to collect recurring billing from your customers.  We do not charge additional fee for each transaction but the merchant service provider (PayPal, does.  Please see below for some additional information on payment integration.


Payment Integration has been designed to be almost a plug and play feature.  Follow each step and complete the required details.  Once payment is enabled, your form will display a running total as your visitor selects options/items.  

Here is a simple example:

We currently support the following payment providers/programs:

    Paypal Standard
    Paypal Websites Pro
    Paypal Payflow Pro
    USA ePay

You or your clients will need to setup an account with one of the above payment processors in order to use the Payment Integration feature. Click on 'Options' for your form, and then click on 'Payment'. Fill in the required information to enable this feature for your form.

    Merchant Setup (i.e. info, API codes, items that the payment solution will provide, etc...)
    Payment Options (The options here vary on the type of merchant you've opted to integrate with)
    Assign Prices (You'll be able to assign prices to existing checkbox, dropdown, multiple choice, and price fields)

The type of payment solution and program will determine if you can accept credit card payments. The following integrated solutions support credit card transactions out of the box:
    Paypal Websites Pro
    Paypal Payflow Pro
    USA ePay

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