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How do I add a Terms and Conditions page?

To set up a terms and conditions page, you should:
1) Create the terms and conditions page of content on your site
2) Next, go to and set up your terms and conditions form by adding a new field to a form (in the following example, we use the checkbox field):

3) As seen above, add a checkbox field that has an html link to the terms and conditions on your site (from Step 1)
4) Make the field "Required" as in the image above, only if you require users to sign off on terms and conditions before submitting information to you (this is a good practice)
5) Add instructions for the user regarding how to proceed, we place an html link into the instructions field for the user to be able to read the terms in a new window
6) Save the form, and embed or use the form link
7) Send out and promote the page you just created in Step 6, with your new terms and conditions

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