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How do I add custom validation to my form fields?

You can add custom validation text to your form and survey fields.

Normally, form fields have default validation, as follows:



However, now, you can add any text to the red validation error messages as follows:


This gives you the flexibility to design user-friendly error messages in plain language.

To create custom text, log in to > mouse over the form you would like to edit and click "Edit" > click "Form Settings" > under "Custom Validation & Text" select from the drop-down menu and click "Edit":


Note: If you do not have text already, you can create it by selecting "---None---" from the drop-down and clicking "Edit".

If you have a custom validation text profile already saved, you can edit it by selecting it from the drop-down menu, clicking from the tree navigation (i.e. Calendar, reCAPTCHA, Currencies, etc.), and entering your custom validation text into the form text fields.  Once all of your content is in, you can click "Save" to save your profile.  


If you do not have a custom validation text profile saved, you can just enter a name for your new profile in the "Name" field in the upper right corner and then click "Save".

Besides entering user-friendly custom validation text, users are also free and welcome to enter their own languages:


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