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Setting up MFA with as an authenticator in your browser

Setting up MFA with as an authenticator in your browser

  1. Go to
    Select your preferred browser and download the authenticator.

  2. Once the authenticator app is downloaded, pin its icon to the toolbar. Do this by clicking the Extensions icon, then pin the app extension.

  3. Log in to your EmailMeForm account and set up MFA. Scan your QR code using the scan icon on the authenticator app.

  4. Scan the QR Code.

  5. Once scanned, go to the authenticator app and input the 6-digit code. Then click on the “Enable MFA” button.


6.) You will be directed to a page confirming that MFA has been enabled on your account. You are required to enter your "Emergency contact number". We will use it to verify your identity in case you lose access to your account. (Please include country code and area code.)


This page also contains your MFA recovery/backup codes, any of which can be used once should you lose access to your authentication device. This is the only time they are shown to you so make sure to copy/email to yourself or print these codes and store them somewhere safe.

After you save your recovery codes, click Continue.

From now on, the next time when you log in, you will be asked to enter a 6-digit authentication code which is generated and provided through your authentication app.

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