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How do I update form images to https secure connection?

When you have enabled SSL on your forms, make sure that the image files your forms use are also hosted via HTTPS.

When adding images via Image field you can choose between these options:

1) Enter URL — host your image on a web server and provide its link

2) Upload Image File — to EmailMeForm secure server (Recommended)

3) Choose from Existing Images — those that you’ve already uploaded


Note: If you’ve used Option 1 in the past and the image URL is http (hosting server does not have ssl connection) this will cause a mixed content error on your secured https form.

To correct this you need to host your image on a secured server and update the image URL on your form. A secure image URL will look like this: https://************* .


So, you can either:

  • delete the URL and upload your image to EmailMeForm (recommended):


  • or stick to URL linking, in which case you need to choose a secure server, upload the image there and re-enter its new HTTPS URL into your form:


In this article you can find some of the best free image hosting platforms for you images.

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