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Adding Facebook Tracking Pixel to a Form

To add facebook pixel to your form, you need to add the facebook pixel code which you can generate from your Facebook pixel like the one on screenshot below, see this link for guide on how to generate the codes details.


Here's how you can add the code to the form.

  1. Mouse over your form and click "Options", and then "Edit". See Screenshot
  2. On the "Form Settings", click the "Edit" button under "Header/Footer" .
  3.  Select "HTML" then click "Source". Now you can add <script> tags without problem. You can link an external .js file, or you can write the JavaScript directly there in between the <script> tags. After adding your script code, click "Close".


 Note: As you go back and forth saving your form and accessing this modal, the WYSIWYG editor might switch to visual mode and erase your <script> tags, so make sure you have your JavaScript also saved elsewhere.


    4. If you'd like to monitor events/actions like "Complete Registration" every time a user submits your form, you can place the event tracking code in the Confirmation message/page. To do so while still editing your form go to Form Settings tab > Confirmation Options > Success Message > Edit Message. Follow step 3 above for instructions on how to place the code (you'll want to put it a line under your confirmation/thanks message)

    5. Save your form.



You have multiple ways to test that the pixel code and event tracking is working: (a) go to be logged in) and select the Pixel analytics entity you created with the steps above (takes time to update); (b) follow section 4 here

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