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Custom validation & text - customizing labels

Normally, form fields have default labels, as follows:


You can add custom text to your form labels.


To create custom text labels, log in to > mouse over the form you would like to edit and click "Edit" > click "Form Settings" > under "Custom Validation & Text" select from the drop-down menu and click "Edit":


Note: If you do not have text already, you can create it by selecting "---None---" from the drop-down and clicking "Edit".

If you have a custom validation text profile already saved, you can edit it by selecting it from the drop-down menu, clicking from the tree navigation under "Labels & Captions" (i.e. Name, Address, Currencies, etc.), and entering your custom text into the form text labels. Once all of your content is in, you can click "Save" to save your profile.


If you do not have a custom text profile saved, you can just enter a name for your new profile in the "Name" field in the upper right corner and then click "Save".


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