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How to add formatting to captions/labels/etc using HTML tags?


When you feel that some element (except the formatting already applied by the form's theme) still needs to stand out on your form you may apply additional formatting by using HTML tags.

For example, these are the most used HTML tags for formatting a text:

Below are some examples of the most used HTML tags for formatting text:
This text is <u> underlined </u>
This text has <strike> Strikeout </strike>
This text is <tt> Typewriter </tt>
This text is <pre> Pre-formatted </pre>
This text is <blockquote> block text </blockquote>
<a href="url"> link name </a> Create a link to another page or website
This text is <center> centered </center>
<div style="font-family: 'Open Sans'"> Divide up page content into sections, and applying styles/fonts </div>
<img src=""> Show an image
<br>Add a line Break (force a new line)
This text is <span style="color:red"> red </span> Use CSS style applied to span or div tag to change text paramaters

Here are previews of the given tags in an EMF form:

On field Labels:

On Instructions:


You may insert HTML tags either into a "Field Label" or "Instructions for User" inputbox of all "Basic" fields and they will work for most of the other types too.

Let's apply gained knowledge to some live example: what if you want some field caption to be bigger, green, bold and centered, with some other but generic font (like Arial Black)?

We need first to create a correct HTML/CSS code wrap it up into "style" property of <div> or <span> tag and put the text inbetween opening and closing tags:

<div style="margin: 0 auto; text-align: center; color: LimeGreen;font-size: 150%; font-weight: bold; font-family: 'Arial Black'"> This text will be bigger, green, bold and centered, with Arial Black font applied</div>

Here's the result:

Last step is to copy the code into your heading/label/instructions for user input box then save the form & preview the result.

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