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How do I add images to my forms?

To add an image to your form, locate the "Image" field in "Add field" (Green plus) Tab under "Advanced" section and drag and drop the field onto the place you need in your form.


Click "Add field" > locate "Image" field button > click and drag onto the form.

Please note: the "Image Field" element is a paid feature available under any paid plan. More information on our plans can be found here.

Adjusting image field settings

Clicking the newly added field will switch your left tab panel to the "Field Settings" mode where you can edit and customize the field more.


Click any Image Field to tweak image parameters.

Configurable options for any image include:

  • Label: a descriptive text above the image on the form.
  • Action: click the button to invoke the Image Wizard (for adding/uploading image to your form).
  • Show Field to: Everyone - image is visible, Admin Only - the field can only be accessed using Data Manager.
  • Cell Align: adjusts the alignment of the field.
  • Image Size: edits Width/Height of the image, changes are applied immediately.
  • Hover Text: additional description to your image/product that activates while hovering over with a mouse.
  • Alternative Text: a written representation of your image, in case users do not enable images.
  • Link Image To: URL to redirect users when they click the image directly.
  • Target window/tab: redirect will open in a "self" (current)/"new"/"parent"(for embedded forms) tab.
  • Image Source: the URL of the image file location.
  • Caption: a descriptive text below the image.

More information on image field (paid feature) can be found here.

Uploading an image to your form

Either clicking the "Add image" button in the "Field Settings" tab or clicking the image right inside your form will bring you the "Image Wizard" popup, where you have several ways of uploading/adding an image into your form.


Locate the image field on your form > click the field to switch the right tab panel to "Field Settings" mode > Locate "Add image" button to activate "Image Wizard".

  • Option A: "Enter URL"

Clicking the first line will ask for the URL address of the image. Pasting the URL of your image into "Enter URL" input and clicking "Save Image" button will add the image to your form.


Please note: insecure HTTP image storage service providers are not supported (i.e. hosted on,, etc)


  • Option B: Upload Image File

Select this option when your image is stored on your own device. Clicking the second line of the "Image Wizard" will ask you for a file location to upload to EMF servers, locate the file on your machine then click "Upload file" to add the selected image onto your form.


  • Option C: Choose from Existing Images

You may select any image you've uploaded before from your personal cloud on EMF servers to upload to a form.


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