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How to print a submission the way it looks online?

If you are interested in a form that can be filled out online, with the option to print the completed form and/or print the blank form for manual completion.

Or you need to print your form as it appears to the end-user and then save it as a PDF file in that manner.

You'll need to copy the following code for printing out current submission:

<input onclick="window.print();" style="margin:0px auto; display:block;" type="button" value="Print this Submission" />

and embed/paste it into your form's header or footer by following the guide on how-to put it:

Please note, if you embedded the given code to your form, you may use the added "Print this Submission" button to print out/save as PDF for already submitted data from your customers. Kindly use DataManager to access your entries, then click "Edit", then use the "Print this Submission" button.


DataManager -> Edit -> Print this Submission


Print Preview

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