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Getting started with Zapier integrations

EmailMeForm and Zapier bring you more automation to make workflows much convenient for you. With over 2000 apps ready for integration from Zapier, integrate your form to your daily software in just a few clicks.  In case you need help in getting started creating your Zaps, please refer to this article.

  1. Click Integrations from the Form Manager page.


  2. Inside, find the Zapier tab then click on the Connect Zapier button.


  3. There will be a Pop-Up Message. Click on “Request an Invite”, then please fill out the Zapier invitation application form.
  4. After our team reviews your application, you will receive an Email with a Link to activate your Zapier Trial.


  5. Click on the invite link and Accept the Invite to get you ready creating Zaps.


  6. After you accept your invite, go into your Zapier account and find the EmailMeForm app from the list of possible integrations.


  7. Save your EmailMeForm credentials with Zapier so it can access your account and you will be able to see the list of all your forms.


  8. After connecting your EmailMeForm account into Zapier, select the form that you want to be integrated.

  9. Submit a test submission on your form then click Test Trigger.


    Note: To get Zapier to authenticate and receive data, you will need to send a test submission through your form.
  10. You are now ready to integrate your form with 2000+ apps.

Happy creating Zaps! :) Hope this article helps.

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